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Directory Structure

Overdog's directory structure is built on the philosophy of "Convention over configuration." This approach dictates that each entry types template file is named index.twig and resides within a directory that represent its handle.

Note: The directory structure has been update for the upcoming version 5.0 of Craft CMS.

Templates folder

├── _abstracts        # Contains font-face declarations and webpack generated files
│   ├── critical      # Critical CSS files, specific for the homepage
├── _base             # Layout templates
├── _components       # Reusable components
├── _macros           # Twig macro files for reusable code snippets
├── _navigation       # Navigation, navbar and menus
├── _pages            # Entries templates
├── 404.twig          # Template for 404 error page
├── sitemap.xml.twig  # Sitemap template, customizable for the project
└── robot.txt         # Instructions for web crawlers

Note: Prepending folders with an underscore (_) prevents direct web access to these folders.

SRC and config folders

In addition to templates, the project is structured with src and config directories for managing assets and configurations.

├── ejs                 # EJS templates used by Webpack.
├── js                  # JavaScript files.
├── css                 # Custom Tailwind CSS files.
└── svg
    └── sprite-images   # Source SVG files to be included in the sprite.

├── project             # Automatically generated YAML files for admin structure.
├── redactor            # Custom configurations for the Redactor text editor.
└── general.php         # General project configuration file.