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New project

We recommend a Git-centered deployment strategy to streamline your website launch. This approach ensures that your transition from development to production is as smooth and reliable as possible.

1. Env file configuration

Before deployment, configure the .env file variables on your production environment.

2. Database deployment

The database should be migrated from the local environment to the production environment. This is typically accomplished via a secure SSH connection, ensuring the integrity and security of the data being transferred.

3. Git deployment

Connect your hosting service by adding it as a git remote, which facilitates the deployment process. Use the following command to add the remote, substituting {Clone URL} with your hosting service's provided clone URL and live with the desired name for your hosting remote :

git remote add live {Clone URL}

Codebase Deployment:

Deploy your codebase to the production environment by pushing to the remote repository. In the command, <local branch name> should be replaced with the branch you intend to deploy.

git push live <local branch name>:master